Artist Statement


Shopping for fabric!

This photo was taken by my BQF (Best Quilting Friend), Michele Lea.

Creating art using fabric and quilting energizes my soul … it excites me, calms me, and often exhausts me. My quilts are usually saturated with color. I like using strong contrasts, simple repetitive shapes and patterns, and images that are symmetrical, radial, or images that are offset and asymmetrical.

Sometimes my quilts are symmetrical in nature where I take ordinary quilt block patterns and turn them into extraordinary quilt designs; or they are kaleidoscopes or mandalas. Other times, they are improvisational or ethnic-inspired. And, you may even see a landscape or two!

When working with symmetry as seen in my kaleidoscope-inspired and geometric quilts, I strive to give life and excitement to the rigidity of symmetrical order by using interesting and ethnic fabrics, along with colorful contrasts.

For all my work, I use a variety of fabric including imported ethnic fabric, domestic commercial fabric, and my own hand-dyed fabrics. I also shop in thrift stores for clothing that I can repurpose by cutting the garments apart and using the fabric in quilts. A little black silk dress or colorful silk skirt goes a long way in a quilt!

A word about “Finding Your Voice”

I was introduced to quilting in 2003. Since then I've been to many quilt shows, taken many quilt workshops, made friends with many quilters, and have joined a number of quilt associations, including SAQA.

I'm very appreciative to SAQA (Studio Art Quilters Associates) members for sharing their time and expertise through regional and national meetings, and their publications. I'm thankful to friend, artist, and quilter, Carolyn Mazloomi who challenged me to move on to a higher level of art quilting – to see my work as art, not just as another pretty quilt; and for encouraging me to join SAQA.

I often hear SAQA talks and read SAQA articles about “finding your voice.” When you look at the variety of my work, you will see a number of different styles, which might make you wonder, what is her voice? You might think that I have several voices, or that I haven't discovered my one “true voice.” For me, my “true voice” is multilayered and it's more about the elements and principles of design in art.

The subject matter and style changes as I respond my life and to the world around me. No matter the subject, in each piece I consider use the elements and principles of art. A consistent theme of my work employs the use of bold color, strong contrast, rhythm, movement, and repetition of shapes, patterns, and images that use symmetrical, radial, or asymmetrical balance.

The “true voice” that guides me when making my quilts is turning the ordinary into the extra ordinary! | © Linda Kramer 2017. | Use of the images on this site is only by expressed written consent of the artist.