Cathedral Window - Twilight

Cathedral Window - Twilight

About this quilt

As the day draws to a close, the followers of their chosen faith make their way into their sanctuary and are greeted by beautiful stained glass windows. As the music starts, their attention is drawn to the stained glass windows of joy and celebration that seem to come alive with every note, chord, and voice. There souls are uplifted by the beauty of the music and the cathedral windows.

Stained glass windows and music have always played an important part of places of worship. They both are uplifting in their own right, but put the two together and there is a joyful celebration of the mind, heart, and soul.



There are MANY individual fussy cut pieces in this quilt. The arch has 152, the body has 154, and there are 11 pieces for the sashing and borders, for a total of 311 pieces for the top! I used a mirroring technique and cut plastic templates to draw around so that I could cut the precise area of the fabric I wanted to use.

I couched a yellow piece of embroidery thread around the inside of the sashing, and quilted it on my home sewing machine.

Size: 60” x 38 1/2 


This is the beginning of the arch. All pieces were individually “fussy” cut.


The center portion of the “window.” IT was created using Paula Nadelstern’s “Simple Symmetry” technique.


The central portion of the window with fussy cut, mirrored sashing.


My studio assistant, Jaxson, is happy to help me show the scale of the arch, which is now complete and ready to attach to the central portion of the cathedral window.

Exhibited at

  • 48th Hamilton Current: Hamilton’s Local Art Competition held at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, 2017
  • SAQA: Regional juried exhibit at the Miami University Voice of America Center, West Chester, Ohio, 2015 
  • International Quilt Festival: Used by Paula Nadelstern in her classes where she taught the Simple Symmetry technique. This quilt was used as an example of how to take her simple symmetry technique to the next level. 2014 | © Linda Kramer 2017. | Use of the images on this site is only by expressed written consent of the artist.